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Mobile, Desktop and Connected-TV

Our platform supports video and banner advertising on mobile, desktop and connected-tv. The platform's underlying technology learns from user engagement, automatically optimizing sources and creatives accordingly. The result is highly-performing campaigns that help reveal and expand your target audience. It's programmatic buying at its best.

  • Advertise on mobile (apps & web), desktop, and connected-tv
  • Learns from user engagement
  • Optimizes sources automatically
  • Increases campaign performance
  • Verifies and expands target audiences
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Mobile, Desktop, Connected-TV

Target users across all devices and operating systems

Global Reach

Target users worldwide by country, state, DMA, city, and zip code

Source Metrics

See the performance of sources (CTR, VTR, and popularity) before campaign launch

Automated Optimization

Underlying technology learns from user engagement and adapts accordingly